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Criminal defence specialist lawyers for the North East

Richard Haswell Solicitors have represented a wide range of clients. From more minor offences to those crimes carrying significant custodial sentences, we have assisted many accused people in preparing and representing their defence case in court.


We will ensure that your rights are protected at every step. From initial arrest to the courtroom case, we will provide resilient and expert legal support.

Let our Defence Law services speak for you.

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Criminal defence solicitors for all courts

We are specialists in criminal law:

We have also represented defendants in a variety of levels of court. Having taken on cases of varying magnitude, we have been present in many different courtrooms across the North East.


From the Magistrates Court and Crown Court to the Court of Appeal, we ensure that the legal representation is appropriate for the circumstances. We can also advise defendants as to the procedure prior to and following each step of the process.

 •  Money laundering

 •  Benefit frauds

 •  Road traffic accidents

 •  Theft and burglary

 •  Criminal damage

 •  Assault

Whether you need help and advice for criminal damage, theft or drug possession, we will be there to support you.

 •  Driving offences

 •  Firearm possession

 •  Drugs possession

 •  Murder

 •  Public order offences

 •  Fraud

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