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Common Offences

To be guilty of the following offences, the Crown Prosecution Service has to prove that...

Criminal Damage  

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...you dishonestly took something belonging to someone else without any intention of returning it.

...you damaged property belonging to someone else without having any lawful reason for doing so and that you did so on purpose or recklessly.


...you entered a property without the owner’s permission and either stole or intended to steal something; damaged or intended to damage something; or inflicted or intended to inflict grievous bodily harm.


...you caused / inflicted harm on another person and that you did so otherwise than using reasonable force to defend yourself.


...you had in your possession a controlled drug, that the drug was either for your own personal use or you intended to supply it to another person or you did supply it to another person.


...you had in your possession in a public place an item manufactured as a weapon, adapted for use as a weapon or being used as a weapon.

Public Order

...you did an act which was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress; was intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress; was done to provoke violence; that you used or threatened unlawful violence such that anyone present would have feared for their own personal safety; that you did so alone or with other persons.

Driving Offences

These are slightly different in that some offences are those of strict liability. These are black and white: you either had insurance, a licence, an MoT, passed a red light or not. Others relate to the standard of driving, for example speeding, driving carelessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst disqualified.


Most driving offences carry the imposition of penalty points and a fine. Some carry a discretionary disqualification, others a mandatory disqualification.


If you have held your driving licence for less than 2 years and receive 6 points or more during that period, your licence will be revoked by the DVLA and you will need to resit your test.


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